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Volga-Dnepr Group is set to upscale its capabilities in the Aerospace sector in Asia through MoU with Singapore Space & Technology Ltd

Volga-Dnepr Group is set to upscale its capabilities in the Aerospace sector in Asia through MoU with Singapore Space & Technology Ltd 02/14/2022

Volga-Dnepr Group (the Group), the leading group in the air transport services with expertise in integrated logistics services, has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with Singapore Space & Technology Ltd (SSTL) to support Singapore, as well as other countries of Southeast Asia, in the field of space logistics.

The agreement was officially signed during the Global Space and Technology Convention (GSTC) 2022 held in Singapore at the beginning of February, with the signing ceremony being attended by senior managers of both parties and the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Singapore.

The Group will be able to offer its integrated logistics services to support SSTL's network of space companies for the launch of their satellites, whereas SSTL will create more awareness of the Group’s services in the Singapore space ecosystem. With 30+ years of experience and competence in the aerospace sector, Volga-Dnepr will provide transportation and charter services for satellites, fr om manufacturing and assembly sites to required end destinations, covering, if required, design solution, first/last mile, terminal handling, customers clearance, to name a few.

Oleg Novikov, Development Director, Southeast Asia of Volga-Dnepr Group, highlights: “Within our Group, we strongly believe in partnerships that broaden capabilities and open new opportunities not only for two companies but also for the whole sector. The aerospace sector has been demonstrating positive dynamics amid the active development of satellites’ launch programmes, ramped up by IoT (internet of things) penetration across various industries, mobile network spread, including 5G, and other forward-thinking projects. We are happy to be part of this challenging environment and spin aerospace logistics across the globe in the interest of our partners and customers”.

Jonathan Hung, Executive Chairman of SSTL, comments: “Through this partnership, Volga-Dnepr Group will work with SSTL to provide transportation and charter services for satellites, and support SSTL's network of space companies to navigate relevant regulatory requirements, providing an alternative option for satellite airlift. To illustrate this, On 27 January 2022, the Ilyushin Il-76, an enormous freighter owned by Volga-Dnepr Airlines, carried a Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite owned by Japanese-based Earth Observation space company, Synspective, a portfolio company in SSTL’s Space Accelerator Programme. The freighter landed at Auckland International Airport, wh ere the satellite is destined to be launched into orbit by New Zealand-founded space company Rocket Lab. This is a clear example of what SSTL and Volga-Dnepr Group can achieve together to support the Aerospace industry.”

Volga-Dnepr has been providing dedicated logistics services for the aerospace industry for more than three decades delivering satellites, aircraft spare parts and even parts of the fuselage. Throughout 2021 the Group has delivered over 4,000 tonnes of aerospace equipment aboard its unique ramp freighters - An-124 and Il-76 and is set to support its customers further.

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