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Haier Biomedical partners with AirBridgeCargo Airlines to further develop the global layout of temperature-controlled air cargo industry.

Haier Biomedical partners with AirBridgeCargo Airlines to further develop the global layout of temperature-controlled air cargo industry. 11/08/2021

On November 6, Qingdao Haier BioMedical Co., Ltd. and AirBridgeCargo Airlines (hereinafter referred to as "AirBridgeCargo"), part of Volga-Dnepr Group, reached a strategic cooperation at the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE 2021. The two companies will focus on users’ demand and experience, jointly cooperate, collaborate, and innovate in the fields including cold-chain airfreight logistics, products, leasing, operating network, MRO stations, and other temperature control related business areas, as well as speed up to be one of the leading companies in the industry and produce greater social value.

This cooperation is another important development of Haier Biomedical in temperature-controlled air cargo industry after the cooperation with China Southern Airlines Logistics. The development not only means that Haier Biomedical formally enters the field of temperature-controlled air cargo logistics, but it’s expected to break the monopoly of technology and products in the field of high-end equipment for temperature-controlled air cargo logistics from foreign enterprises, building a smooth temperature-controlled logistics channel both domestically and globally in the meantime. It also marks the Haier Biomedical’s start of its new journey to make the company’s footprint worldwide.

"Technology + Market" dual drive, innovation of temperature-controlled air cargo logistics is imminent.

In the field of cold-chain air cargo logistics, Europe, the US, and other developed countries have obtained advantages and remained at the forefront of advanced technologies, and the required high-end equipment for transportation of such technologies has been monopolized by foreign enterprises for a long time. Recently the market demand for global cold-chain air cargo logistics has gotten strong, demand for temperature-sensitive commodities from domestic consuming market is also expanding with consumers’ requiring higher quality of commodities. Furthermore, fresh and perishable goods, biological products, medical supplies and other temperature-sensitive materials, which are related to consumer safety, are all in urgent need of professional and powerful cold-chain air cargo transportation.

At present, China's aviation cold chain industry is still in its initial stage, and there are still many obstacles to be solved in constructing infrastructure equipment and creating complete transportation solutions. In the face of the huge demand in the market, the domestic industry is in urgent need of continuous exploration and innovation, tackling key and core technologies and accelerating the localization of high-end equipment for cold-chain air cargo transportation.

In order to solve the pain points of the industry, Haier Biomeidical and AirBridgeCargo Airlines will work together to create a new model of cold-chain air cargo logistics on the basis of the complementary advantages of both sides in temperature-controlled air cargo logistics and other related fields, to achieve the integration in business as well as co-creation of both products and services.

At the signing ceremony, Meng Zhigang, the General Manager of Haier Biomedical’s Temperature Control Division, said that, “This cooperation is a milestone event for both sides, which will enhance the competitiveness and influence of the two companies, improve the economic and social benefits. Meanwhile, it will also accelerate the iterative upgrading of temperature-controlled air cargo logistics towards standardization, intelligence and specialization.” Volga-Dnepr Group’s Development Director of Greater China, Thomas Li highlighted that, “Temperature-controlled air transportation of pharma products will be the next Blue Ocean for the industry. With regards to the new developing pattern of global supply chain in the post-pandemic period, AirBridgeCargo together with other carriers within Volga-Dnepr Group will consolidate and develop its existing advantages and work with Haier Biomedical to improve its global competitiveness in temperature-controlled airfreight logistics services, providing more high-quality, efficient, convenient and reliable global logistics transportation services.”

Ecological synergy and innovation integration, the extension of the global layout of the temperature-controlled airfreight industry.

AirBridgeCargo, a leading global cargo carrier, operates an expansive international route network which connects customers to the world’s largest markets in Asia, Europe, and North America. The airline covers more than 30 major cargo gateways to accommodate international trade flows, including temperature-controlled products. AirBridgeCargo is also a member of the Medical Device Chain Association of CLFP.

As the world's leading IoT biosafety integrated solutions provider, Haier Biomedical has been engaged in the research, development, production and sales of biomedical cryogenic storage equipment, by taking the lead in promoting the deep integration of cryogenic storage technology with the IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and other leading digital technologies. It can provide biomedical cryogenic storage solutions covering the full temperature range from -196℃ to 8℃ for sample safety, drug and reagent safety, vaccine safety, blood safety and other scenarios. It can also provide comprehensive solutions covering a variety of biosafety products IoT scenarios based on users’ demand for automation, intelligence, and integrated upgrade.

The two companies join forces to create a new ecology of cold-chain air cargo logistics, which will be conducive to users to improve services in active temperature-controlled containers, pallet insulation boxes, cold-chain transferring boxes and IoT monitoring platform, improve business competitiveness, and strive to create high-quality, high-standard temperature-controlled air cargo logistics services of pharma products.

In fact, the cooperation between Haier Biomedical and AirBridgeCargo Airlines, is not only beneficial to the both sides to deep plough the industrial market, further develop their strategic footprint, and speed up the mastery of industry discourse. It can also enhance the development of standardization, intelligence and specialization of the industry, lay the foundation for the creation of "Chinese model" of temperature-controlled air cargo industry, as well as open a new journey of globalization layout of Haier Biomedical.

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